Hotel Westin, Zagreb / Croatia, October 27—29, 2022

Clear Vision & New Vibes

Hotel Westin, Zagreb / Croatia, October 27—29, 2022 We serve with brain and heart
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My Dear Fellow Lions

back in autumn of 2018, at the time when plans and preparations for the Lions Europa Forum in Zagreb 2021 were supposed to start, no one in the world could predict what was coming our way. The situation started to change in the beginning of 2020, and we had to postpone the planned dates for all three confirmed Lions Europa Forums and push them back a year. So, we have postponed our Forum to 2022.

But this change of date was just a trifle in comparison to changes and limitations we were faced with in everyday life – not to mention the usual ways of serving our community, which, all of a sudden, simply were not possible anymore. Not being able to hold our international Lions sailing regatta, an event in which 500 Lions from 25 countries have regularly participated, was extremely hurtful to us.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – this was said a long time ago by a genius and physicist Albert Einstein and it is a saying that is still valid today as well as the one in which we wholeheartedly believe.

Lions all over the World were not frightened of doing what they usually do – helping those in need, nor were they prevented in doing so. We just had to find new visions, new vibes, new strength. And we did it in a magnificent way! Our service activities didn’t suffer, our fellowship remained strong.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company and entrepreneur, once said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”. We, Lions, didn’t just think we could, we knew it!

So, my dear fellow Lions, seize the opportunity that awaits you at the Europa Forum in Zagreb and attend various sessions, workshops and presentations and meet and exchange experiences with many fellow Lions from other countries and continents, and talk to numerous leaders at this event in order to 

choose your visions and find new vibes!

Use this opportunity to explore Zagreb and the rest of the beautiful country of Croatia, either by making use of the packages we offer, or by organising the sightseeing and trips yourself. We, as the host committee, and all the Lions of Croatia wish you a pleasant stay, and hope that you will attend many interesting sessions, make new friendships, and have memorable experiences at this forum, and that you will enjoy the time you spend here in Zagreb and Croatia!

PDG Dražen Melčić
President of the Lions Europa Forum
Zagreb 2022

PDG Dražen Melčić President of the Lions Europa Forum PDG Dražen Melčić
President of the Lions Europa Forum

As the organizers of the Lions Europa Forum, we are aware of the difficulties certain guests may have due to the inability to access certain areas where the Forum takes place. This is why we paid special attention to these issues during planning. Below you can find information about mobility options for persons with restrictions or impairments at the Forum locations. If you have other difficulties or need additional information, please contact us via

Mobility options for persons with restrictions or impairments

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