Mobility options for persons with restrictions or impairments

As the organizers of the Lions Europa Forum, we are aware of the difficulties certain guests may have due to the inability to access certain areas where the Forum takes place. This is why we paid special attention to these issues during planning. Below you can find information about mobility options for persons with restrictions or impairments at the Forum locations. If you have other difficulties or need additional information, please contact us via

Transfers from the airport and to Lions Europa Forum events

For airport transfers organized by the Lions Europa Forum, personnel will assist guests with entering and exiting vehicles. Transportation will be in standard vehicles with luggage space for wheelchairs or other equipment.

For transfers between hotels and evening social events, if necessary, the Lions Europa Forum will provide a vehicle for disabled persons.

Westin Hotel

All guest areas are accessible without obstructions, except parts of the Kaptol restaurant and the Rendezvous bar. Two toilets for the disabled are located on the ground floor.

Lauba – Croatian pARTy

Ground floor areas are accessible without obstructions, in the entire event area. There are no toilets designed for the disabled.

Hala – Gala dinner

Entrance without obstructions is possible from the parking area, with two toilets for the disabled within the building.