Music competition

Welcome to LEMC 2022 Zagreb, the 29th Lions European Music Competition!

This year, the “Thomas Kuti” music competition is dedicated to voice.

Young musicians born in 1996 or later are cordially invited to participate in the 29th Lions European Music Competition. Please liaise with the Lions organisation in your country via internet for further information and registration. As a first step, you will participate in the regional or national preliminaries which will take place next spring.

A music prize is awarded annually at the Lions Europa Forum to encourage talented young European musicians. The music competition will be held at the Forum and every year, the instrument to be played is different. The text below presents an extract from the Rules of Procedure. For the avoidance of doubt, only the official version of the regulation shall be considered valid.

Rules of procedure of the “Lions European Music Competition (LEMC) Thomas Kuti” (German, French, English)

The “Thomas Kuti 2022” music competition will be held at the Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall, at the Academy of Music in Zagreb

The Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb is the largest and oldest institution of higher musical education in Croatia. It is the direct successor of the Croatian Music Institute which was founded in 1829. At the turn of the 20th century, the school became the Institute’s conservatory, and in 1921 its name was changed to “Royal Academy of Music”. It has been a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb since 1979. Many renowned artists and educators have studied and worked at the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Through their efforts at home and abroad, they have confirmed and strengthened the reputation of the Academy and its high level of excellence in music education.

In 2015, the Academy of Music moved into a brand-new building, in the cultural centre of Zagreb, right next to the Croatian National Theatre and numerous other cultural and art institutions.