General Terms and Conditions

Lions Europa Forum

Effective Date: 22/02/2022

Article 1

Subject matter of the General Terms and Conditions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the “General Terms”) regulate the relations between the Lions Europa Forum Association from Zagreb, Zvonarnička ulica 3, PIN 53382525444 and business partners (hereinafter: the “Organisers”) as the organisers of Lions Europa Forum (hereinafter: “LEF”), and the users, as well as customers and clients, of their services (hereinafter: the “Users”) on the other hand. 

Article 2

Services Provided by the Organisers

2.1.      The Organisers provide services in accordance with positive legal regulations and assumed rights and obligations from the agreement concluded by the Organiser and other legal and natural persons with respect to the LEF organisation. As planned, LEF will take place from 27 to 29 October 2022, in Zagreb, Croatia.

2.2.      The Organisers shall, through the website (hereinafter: the “Website”), enable product/service (which may be used during LEF) overview and purchase for Users, according to the specifications indicated on the Website.

2.3.      By using the registration system on the Website, the User agrees to all rights, obligations and responsibilities stated in these General Terms, which are available on the Website in Croatian and English language. In case of any unclarity, the provisions of the General Terms in Croatian language shall be considered relevant.

2.4.      This document is an electronic agreement between the Organiser and the User, and by accepting its terms, both parties accept the rights, obligations and responsibilities specified in the agreement. The Users, by making an order of any product/service through the Website, accept these General Terms.

2.5.      The Organisers reserve the right to, at any time and without prior notice, and where they deem necessary, terminate or modify the General Terms set herein.

Article 3

Conditions of Use of the Organiser’s Services

3.1.      Users of the Organiser’s services may be legal or natural persons.

3.2.      The User shall, at the time of the order, make available to the Organisers or to an authorized person their personal information necessary for the conclusion of the agreement through a form on the Website.

3.3.      By placing an order, the User gives their express consent to the Organisers to use, enter, and process personal data for the purpose of their own records. 

3.4.      The offer for the User consists of: personal data on the User, which they entered through the Website form, data on products/services referred to in the agreement, payment deadlines and other relevant data related to a specific User’s order.

Article 4

The User’s Obligations Regarding the Change of Data Provided in the Order

4.1.      Should the User’s data change before the complete provision of the service/product delivery, the User shall inform the Organisers thereof in writing, and in any case before the invoice issuance for delivered products and provided services.

4.2.      Should the User fail to inform the Organisers of personal or identification data change within the deadline specified in paragraph 1 of this article, and if due to that omission the Organiser’s notifications or other correspondence cannot be delivered to the User, the delivery shall be deemed duly performed. The aforementioned also applies to invoices and payment notices which the Organiser shall send to the latest provided address.

Article 5

Order Receiving and Deal Making

5.1. Deal making and User’s order

5.1.1.   Rights and obligations between the Organiser and User shall commence at the time of the User’s order making and their payment of the corresponding Organiser’s estimate.

By placing their order, it shall be considered that the User read and understood these General Terms. In case the User has not read the General Terms, they shall not invoke this circumstance in their favour.

5.1.2.   Should the User cancel the order for which certain steps have been made or products/services have been ordered exclusively for that client, the User shall reimburse incurred costs.

5.1.3.   The User has the right to cancel the delivered products/services and inform the Organiser of the agreement termination in writing. Should the User cancel the products/services more than 30 days before the date of LEF, they shall receive a refund of the full amount paid. By cancelling within 30 days prior to the date of LEF, no refund of the paid amount shall be issued.

5.1.4.   The Organiser shall issue a tax invoice for performed works to the User. The Users may be offered the possibility to receive an invoice in an electronic form in accordance with special regulations (separately or together with the printed invoice).

5.2. Refusal to Conclude the Agreement

5.2.1.   The Organiser has the right not to accept the User’s order in the following cases:

a) There is a reasonable doubt that the User’s identity data are not accurate or truthful;

b) There is a reasonable doubt that the User misused, misuses or has the intention to misuse the products/services provided by the Organiser or they enable the misuse of products/services by third parties;

c) The User entered unusable data.

Article 6

Pricing System and Terms of Payment

6.1. Pricing System

6.1.1.   The product/services pricing system, as well as all other charges to which the Organiser is entitled under there General Terms, is determined by the Organiser’s price list in force at the time of agreement conclusion (hereinafter: the “Price List”). The Organiser is authorized to make changes of the Price List and shall publish it and make it available in the usual and accessible way. The Price List shall be available to every User, as well as all other information on additional services and their prices provided by the Organiser.

6.1.2    Prices provided to Users or interested parties, that is the prices which were made available or published via Website or otherwise, are binding at the time of the User’s payment. The Organiser may change prices without prior notice. The price indicated in the offer which contains all relevant legal elements of the offer shall be binding within 7 days from the day of issuing the offer. Prices are subject to value added tax in the amount valid on the day of issuing the offer.

6.1.3.   Croatian residents shall pay in euros or in kunas the products for which the prices are expressed in euros, in accordance with PBZ Bank’s exchange rate on the day of issuance of the offer or invoice.

Article 7

7.2. Payment Terms for Service Rendered 

7.2.1.   The Organisers shall issue invoices to the Users for provided services upon offer payment. Complaints regarding the amount in the invoice must be submitted to the Organisers in written form in accordance with the Article 10 of the General Terms. Otherwise, it shall be considered that the User has accepted the invoice. The expenses of all commissions of the institutions where the payment of invoices is made are fully borne by the User. 

7.2.2.   Should, due to the User’s omission, the Organiser’s identification data or the account number not be entered correctly in the payment order, the Organisers shall consider that the claim is settled only after the User provides accurate data, the original payment order certified by the institution where the payment was made and a proof that the payment order relates to the appropriate account.

Article 8

Obstacles in Order Realisation, Technical and Operational Capabilities of the Organiser

8.1.      By accepting these General Terms, the User shall accept that the Organisers provide services within their technical and operational capabilities. The Organisers shall inform the User on any difficulty during the realization of ordered services.

8.2.      Should it be impossible to use the services, due to the User’s action for which they are responsible or in which they participate, the User shall not be exempt from their obligation to pay the costs to the Organisers.

8.3.      The Organisers shall not pay damages should the quality level of services provided be lower than the prescribed level of service quality due to objective causes that could not be foreseen or avoided or eliminated (force majeure) or are conditioned by the will or actions of the User. 

Article 9

Lodging Complaints

9.1.      A timely complaint shall be deemed to be the one sent in writing and within 7 days from the day on which the ordered service was used. The complaint shall contain the User’s personal data, it shall be signed by the person who ordered products and/or services which were the subject matter of the complaint and it shall contain a clearly justified subject matter of the complaint.

9.2.      In case of justified complaints, the Organiser shall, at their own expense, eliminate all deficiencies as soon as possible and notify the User in writing. Non-timely and incomplete complaints shall not be taken into account. Should it be determined during the resolution of the complaint that the complaint was unfounded, the Organisers shall reject the complaint.

9.3.      The complaint shall contain the facts and evidence on which it is based. The Organisers shall submit a written response to the complaint in the first instance procedure no later than 15 days from the date of submission of the complaint.

9.4.      The User has the right to submit a complaint (claim) to the written response within 15 days. Should they fail to do so, the Organisers shall consider that the User has accepted the response to the complaint.

Article 10

Organiser’s Obligation of Keeping the Client’s Data

10.1.    The Organisers shall collect, process and keep personal and identification data on their Users. The Organisers shall keep this data secret and shall use them only for their own needs, as well as for purposes that are in accordance with the law and these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 11

Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law

11.1.    In case of disputes arising from the agreement, including disputes regarding the interpretation, application or enforcement of these General Terms, the Organisers and the User shall seek to achieve a friendly settlement relating thereto. If the contracting parties fail to resolve their disputes in the manner described, the competent court shall be the court in Zagreb.

11.2.    The applicable law in the event of a dispute or any procedure or dispute is the law of the Republic of Croatia.

Article 12

Final Provisions

12.1.    These General Terms shall be published on the Website, in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Croatia and made available for all Users and persons that intend to become Users.

12.2.    The Organisers shall publish and make available all amendments to these General Terms via Website.

Article 13

Validity of the General Terms and Conditions

13.1.    The General Terms and Conditions enter into force on the day of their adoption, and they annul all previous terms and conditions; they shall be valid until they have been revoked or until new ones have been adopted.