Theatre Backstage Story

Croatian National Theatre – a tour behind the scenes + Saturday coffee

Saturday, 29/10/2022
Half-day tour: 10:00 – 14:00 h

The first professional theatre in Zagreb was built in 1834 by a Zagreb wholesaler and landowner Kristofor Stanković, who in 1833 won the Vienna lottery in the amount of 30,000.00 ducats and decided to build a theatre building as a private investment. The city magistrate granted him the land located on the corner of St. Mark’s Square and Freudenreich Street in the Upper Town. Today, the Croatian national theatre is located in the Lower Town; it has been there since 1895, when the Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph I inaugurated the new building. The building  was the project of renowned Viennese architects who designed several theatres in Vienna.

On this tour, you will see the way a theatre functions behind the scenes – the technical part of the stage, costume rooms and many more surprises.

After the tour, you will get a chance to experience the Saturday’s hustle and bustle in the centre of Zagreb and drink coffee at one of the numerous cafés. A real easy-going Saturday tour!

Price per person: 50 euros

The price includes: a tourist guide, a tour of the Lower Town, a ticket for the theatre behind-the-scenes tour, coffee