Plitvice Lakes National Park and Nikola Tesla Memorial Center

Tuesday, 25/10/2022
Sunday, 30/10/2022
Full-day tour: 9:00 – 18:00 h

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the biggest and the most beautiful national park in Croatia!

This Park encompasses sixteen lakes of various sizes and turquoise crystal-clear water. With its numerous small rivers and brooks, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is surely one of the most beautiful sites in Croatia. While walking around the Plitvice Lakes, you can enjoy the natural harmony and beauty that engage all the senses. Surrounded by true sights for sore eyes, you inhale the crisp mountain air as you bask in the calming sounds of the waterfalls and birds chirping. Inside the park, it is possible to take tourist trains or electric boats which will take you from the starting points to the end points of the park.

The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan was opened in 2006, on the 150th birthday of this famous Croatian inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist. Tesla’s inventions created the conditions for the electrification of the whole world and started a new industrial revolution. Tesla laid the foundation for the development of radio technology, telecommunications, remote-controlled machinery and radar. The Memorial Center was founded in his birthplace Smiljan, where you can learn about Tesla’s life and his most important inventions.

Price per person: 100 euros

The price includes: transport, a professional tourist guide, tickets for the National Park and the Memorial Center, lunch

Minimum number of persons: 30 

SUGGESTION: Wear comfortable shoes for walking in nature